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This site is 100% halal and dietary friendly.I recommend you get there products
I did a snack swap with a wonderful sister she sent me 3 products . they where wonderful and worth trying .

1st product was Creamy Dill blend is was one of the best dill dips i have ever tried .It so easy and quick for you to make. it goes wonderful with veggies,crackers,chips and even the traditional way rye bread. if you love dill dip and have it quick and easy this product is for you.

The 2ND one was Blueberry Cream smoothie Drink mix it was so wonderful and creamy .Just like the dill dip it is so easy to make.Milk and ice that's all and blend it all makes 5 one cup Servings.You can also add yogurt or ice cream to make it creamier.

The 3rd is my all time favorite Black forest cherry Hot cocoa .it has real chocolate chips in it.It is so rich and chocolaty .you get a 5.6oz product you brake that down you get 6 serving .

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